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From field to your fingertips. Track asset location and maximise usage, manage and predict maintenance, prevent misuse and reduce overall costs. Learn from our partners how you can benefit:

Connect to ANY manufacturer


Parameters EngineReader can read:



Time how long asset is running / in standby

Total Enginehours


Power (Total, By Phases)


Engine RPM

Oil Pressure

Engine Coolant temperature

External Battery Voltage

Time to next maintenance

Fuel level  
Critical warnings*


Light mast

Time how long asset is running / in standby

Total Enginehours



Engine RPM

Time to next maintenance

Fuel level

Lamps Total Hours

Critical warnings*



Time how long asset is running / in standby

Total Enginehours

Engine RPM

Oil Pressure

Engine Coolant temperature

Critical warnings*

Real time warnings

Fuel control

Response efficiency

End-to-End security

Completely autonomous

Substantial TCO reduction

* - Maintenance request, Low fuel level, Emergency stop, Low oil pressure, High coolant temperature, Over frequency, etc.


How it works

EngineReader is a scalable technological hub that brings together all of equipment and fleet data into one, allowing you to streamline and manage your business.


From intrinsic equipment analysis to complete fleet insights, your organisation at your fingertips.

DB ISO27001

Online platform

Any compatible equipment unit

EngineReadeer device

Mobile data



The device is designed for operation with any field equipment. Main task is to control the state by recieving and trasmitting data like power, frequency, fuel level etc.


ISTD9 has unique feature to act both as online GPS tracking device and wireless tracker.

Engine Reader ISTD9 device 

Predictive Maintenance Sensor

Vibration sensor is measuring acceleration and temperature of object in interest. Based on measured accelerations we extract vibration frequency and amplitude using signal processing techniques. This data is passed to the remote server via CAN Bus where even more complicated signal processing can be used to determine any deviations from normal operation.



EngineReader platform is the single key to every asset in your fleet. Improve the response time and quality of your team, reduce the Total Cost of Ownership through in dept-analytics, smart algorithms, warnings and predictive maintenance.


ISO27000 certified EngineReader ensures end-to-end data safety between you and your assets with out the need to install any additional software or data storage.


API enabled EngineReader is able to establish a dialog with 3rd party software to ensure integration into your existing data environment


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EngineReader fosters partnerships, by working towards building partner awareness of efficient management principles cost effectiveness and business sustainability.


We embrace narrowing of the learning curve through field trials and dedicated customer support.

About Us

EngineReader is the only single platform capable of integrating all your assets and equipment into one. Providing you with intrinsic data necessary to manage your business succefully.

EngineReader is a part of a holding company - Sensum Group, with over 2000 employees and an annual turnover of 200 million EUR.

EngineReader is a sister company of Intelligent Systems. A company providing customers with viable R&D solutions for achieving most ambitious Innovation objectives

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