ER V9 device 

ER V9 is designed to read telemetry data from all types of industrial equipment via multiple digital connections. Its main task is to provide telemetry insights by recording and transmitting data like power, frequency, fuel level etc.

ER V9 has a unique feature - it can act both as an online GPS tracking device and wireless tracker.


ER Tag device 

Wireless tracker and workinghour counter that operates in Sigfox network.

Ultra efficient battery usage, can send up to 5000 locations per single charge.

Smallest form factor in the market for a wireless tracker that can work for 5 years on single charge.

Can count machine workinghours on vibrations and reports that to the system.


ER Fuel device

Wireless fuel level sensor that can work on battery for more than 5 years.

Easy installation - standard float sensor is used. No external cabling or power source needed.

Sends fuel level every 4h, can be used to plan refills for the tanks.

Custom calibration for each sensor ensures 3-5% measurement precision.


ER 100 device

Small, smart and waterproof GNSS SPECIAL tracker with Bluetooth connectivity, internal backup battery and High Gain GNSS antenna. Solid waterproof case and built-in accelerometer & gyroscope sensors with extremely accurate crash trace functionality makes this device perfectly suitable for insurance market solutions.


ER 122 device

Small & professional tracker with internal high gain GSM and external GNSS antennas which is able to collect device coordinates and other data and transfer them via GSM network to server. ER122 is perfectly suitable for applications where location data of remote objects is needed. It can also read and provide data on remote assets such as monitoring engine status, controlling truck’s door etc.


Predictive Maintenance Sensor

Vibration sensor is measuring acceleration and temperature of object in interest. Based on measured accelerations we extract vibration frequency and amplitude using signal processing techniques. This data is passed to the remote server via CAN Bus where even more complicated signal processing can be used to determine any deviations from normal operation.